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Sunny day at Lincoln Park

Sunny day at Lincoln Park

Photo by CityWeb Team

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About My.Seattle.Gov

My.Seattle.Gov lets you create your own customizable web portal, made up of pages, called tabs. On these tabs you can add, edit, remove and move content boxes, called widgets. The widgets contain City of Seattle services, information, photos and videos.

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How does My.Seattle.Gov Work?

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Sign Up

To sign up, all you need is a valid e-mail account.

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Get started

Once you’ve signed up, the first thing you’ll see is your Home tab.

You start off with a selection of popular widgets, including the Seattle Channel Live, the City of Seattle Staff Directory and the Getting Started widgets.

My Seattle Home Tab

Add new widgets

You can add new widgets to your Home tab using the add content button.

The widget library is organized by categories, including City Services, News and Events and Public Safety.

Add a widget

Browse the library, click Add to preview the widgets you like.

Click Add again to add them to your tab.

Add a widget

Add new tabs

To organize your widgets into different tabs, just click add tab.

Double click the title of any tab to create your own custom tab name. You can add as many tabs as you’d like.

Add a tab

Organize your widgets

You can arrange your widgets by dragging and dropping them.  Widgets can be moved to a new location within a tab or selected in one tab and dropped in another.    

Move a Widget

Use the toolbar on each widget to edit widget preferences or remove a widget from your tab.


Check for new additions

My.Seattle.Gov is your personalized gateway to the services and information on is always adding now information and services. We will continue to add widgets to the My.Seattle.Gov library, to help improve your custom portal. Be sure to click add content regularly, to check for new widgets.

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