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Sunny day at Lincoln Park

Sunny day at Lincoln Park

Photo by CityWeb Team

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My.Seattle.Gov Help

My.Seattle.Gov lets you create your own customizable web portal, made up of pages, called tabs. On these tabs you can add, edit, remove and move content boxes, called widgets. The widgets contain City of Seattle services, information, photos and videos.

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Adding a Widget

Click the Add Content box just below the upper left Home tab.

Browse through widget Categories, Search for widgets, and Select a widget for preview before adding it to your portal.

Use the grey arrow boxes on the lower right of the Select a widget section to move through the available widgets for each Category.

Click on the widget or click the Add Button box to preview the widget. Click the Add Button box again to add the widget to your portal.

Add as many widgets from as many categories as you want. Click the I'm done box to close the Add Content section.

Moving a Widget

Each tab has three columns available for widgets.

To move a widget, hold your mouse arrow over the blue widget interface bar. A crosshairs I'm done icon appears. Click and hold to drag and drop the widget to a new spot, in the same column or another column.

You can drag and drop a widget onto another portal tab to move the widget over to that tab.

The Widget Interface Bar

Each widget has an interface bar, a blue header with the widget name and various action icons available:

Interface Bar

Retracting/Expanding a Widget

To retract/expand the widget, click the retract/expand icon on the left end of the widget interface bar.

Closing a Widget

To remove the widget from the tab, click the close icon on the right end of the widget interface bar.

Refreshing a Widget

Some widgets pull in content that can be manually refreshed, such as news release and blog feeds.

Click the refresh icon on the widget interface bar to refresh the widget’s content.

Maximizing/Minimizing a Widget

Some widgets can be maximized and minimized on the portal screen. Click the minimize/maximize icon to maximize or minimize the widget.

More widget content may be available in the maximized widget view.

Editing Widget Preferences

Some widgets have set-up preferences that can be edited.

Click the edit widget preferences icon to edit the widget.

As you choose a preference, you will see it immediately apply to your widget.

Click the edit widget preferences icon again to close the edit preference section.

Adding a Tab

Create multiple tabs for your portal and customize each tab with a title and widgets.

Click the Add a tab box, to the right of the Home tab.

A new tab will appear. Double click in the middle of the blue “New Tab” text. Type a title for the tab.

After adding several tabs to your portal, the tabs will fill up and scroll off the top tab row. At this point, the Scroller Arrow icon will appear on the upper right ends of the row of tabs, so you can move back and forth between tabs.

Adding widgets to each tab works the same as adding a widget to your Home tab.

Moving a Tab

Move a tab by clicking and holding down your mouse on the tab. A crosshairs I'm done icon appears. Drag and drop the tab to a new position in the tab row.

Closing a Tab

To close a tab, click the Remove Tab icon to the right of the tab’s title.

If you close a tab that has widgets on it, the widgets you have added to that tab will be removed as well.

NOTE: You can not close your Home tab.


Searching all of

The Add Content box in the upper right of My.Seattle.Gov lets you search the entire Seattle.Gov web site.

Searching for widgets

You can also search for widgets. After you click the Add Content box, the Search for a widget field lets you search for new widgets by keyword.

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