Financial and Payment Card Information

We recognize the importance and sensitivity of financial data. When you make a financial transaction with the City, like parking, paying permitting fees, or paying your utility bill, we have an obligation to meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards for handling this sensitive information.

Examples of Financial and Payment Card Information

  • Bank account number
  • Credit or debit card numbers
  • Other billing information (for example utility payment information, tax payments, or program membership and class registration)
  • Income amount

Using Financial and Payment Card Information

We use your payment card information within the regulatory guidelines outlined by the Payment Card Industry Standards. Uses for financial information include, but are not limited to:

  • Fulfilling and processing payments for City services and programs.
  • Determine eligibility for City programs and services

Protections for Financial and Payment Card Information

We will not use your financial or payment card information outside of regulatory guidelines governing this type of information. The City is audited annually to ensure our systems and management of payment card information meet these defined standards.

We will not share regulatory payment card information, such as your bank account number, or your credit card number.